KBC customer care center

What is The KBC Customer Care Number?

You know very well that the KBC lucky draw is the brightest and most worthy game show in the world. This game show enjoys unique and unrivaled popularity around the world. It has now gained an international reputation and fame as well. Print and electronic media form the backbone of this show. Other countries around the world have contributed to this lucky draw too. No doubt, this is a good achievement and success. The workers and officers working in the KBC customer service department do their job with love and dedication. The lucky KBC WhatsApp draw is available to anyone who wants to take part in this draw. So, for more details call the KBC Customer care number +919685698892.

KBC lucky draw schemes

Many advertising companies take part in the performance of this event. This lucky draw comes in many different ways. The KBC SIM Card Lucky draw 2021, KBC JIO Lottery, and KBC WhatsApp lottery. Every Indian can take part in the WhatsApp lucky draw, IMO lucky draw, Viber lucky draw, and registered mobile phone draw. Today it has become popular due to the undoubted sheer size of television programs and the abundance of news.

KBC Helpline Number for customers

The KBC helpline number is available for participants in this draw in every prominent city such as Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. So, you can call the KBC Head Office Mumbai Helpline number 00917492079778. So, you can contact our support team to get information about the lottery and have a chance to win 25 lakh rupees. This is a great chance to test the online lottery system. Now let’s talk about how you can make money just by getting involved in various KBC shows. First of all, you will need to select the TV programs on the Sony channel where the game show is taking place to make money.

KBC customer care helpline number

Fake KBC customer care officers

Nowadays, the KBC lucky draw has gotten a bad rap due to fake callers who pretend to be the KBC Officer and lottery generators. They loot the naive and innocent and Indians. Our citizens are disappointed and depressed by these incidents. Customers are not willing to trust this KBC WhatsApp Draw and KBC support numbers. These crooks and ruthless rob have destroyed the Indian’s trust. Day after day, the Indian generation experiences resentment and hatred. They insult and scold real KBC officers and KBC customer care helpline number officials. Therefore, in such cases, immediately call the KBC official helpline +919685698892.


If you are reading this article, it is quite obvious that you want to join the KBC lucky draw. Thus, you have a great opportunity to meet and see your legendary heroes and superstars. You can also check the KBC winner list. In one game show, if you don’t win, you will be the winner in the next event. It’s a matter of luck and fate. For more information contact us or call the KBC customer care number +919685698892.