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What Are The KBC Head Office Numbers?

KBC Head Office Numbers

Well, almost all Indians might know very well about KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati show. Because this is one of the most famous shows in the country. Moreover, they are well aware of how this amazing show is transforming the lives of many poor people. They are becoming millionaires in the span of hours. Well, that sounds very attractive. But you might be thinking that everyone can not take part in this show. But you are thinking wrong because the KBC is open for all Indians. For this purpose, they have introduced now the KBC head office numbers for easy access of all Indians.

KBC Head office WhatsApp Number

You may be aware of one side of the KBC show that you watch live on the TV. However, there is another aspect of this amazing organization that they conduct a KBC WhatsApp lucky draw for all WhatsApp users. Through this process, the one winner every month gets a chance to win a handsome amount of 2.5 million Indian rupees. The draw is done through an organized process, and eventually, a winner wins a cash prize of 25 lakhs. However, for registration, you will have to call on the KBC WhatsApp number +919685698892 to get your KBC lottery number.

KBC Head Office Numbers

KBC Head Office Helpline Number

KBC Helpline number is always open for Indian callers. They can use the KBC WhatsApp contact number also to register themselves for Jio KBC lucky draw. After calling the KBC official helpline, you will get the KBC lottery number. That lottery number can be checked online that either you have won the prize or not. However, if the online lottery check system shows an incorrect lottery number then you should call the KBC official WhatsApp number +919685698892 to know the details.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Head Office number +919685698892

Every popular organization has strong customer service so the KBC has also introduced the best KBC Customer Care system and to make things easy they have introduced the KBC WhatsApp Contact Number also. So, you can call on the KBC Head Office Number WhatsApp to get information, KBC Winner List, and register complaints also. You will get an immediate response from the KBC officers to address all your issues and reservations.

KBC Lottery Contact Number

For the ease and convenience of people, KBC has established its KBC lottery department. You can contact the KBC lottery manager by calling on WhatsApp number to know about your lottery number as well as expressing your concern also. The KBC lottery manager will immediately direct his staff to solve your issue. If you are the winner of the KBC lottery then he will take immediate steps to make sure you have received your KBC prize.
In the end, I will warn you that some fake callers pretend to be KBC officers and show their relation with the KBC Head office Numbers. Beware of such guys and immediately report such instances to us on our official KBC helpline number +919685698892.