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JIO KBC Lottery

What is the JIO KBC Lottery? What is the KBC JIO Lottery Helpline? Well, these questions might be rising in your mind when you read or hear the phrase KBC JIO lottery. No doubt, the Kaun Banega Crorepati show is one of the biggest shows in the Indian TV industry. It is on a mission to eradicate poverty from India. Therefore, they have launched different projects such as the KBC SIM Card lottery, the KBC 25 lakh WhatsApp lottery, and many more for the underprivileged Indian people. Now the KBC Head Office along with the JIO Network has introduced the JIO KBC Lottery so that the maximum number of people can get benefit out of it. For this purpose, the KBC Management has introduced the JIO KBC WhatsApp Helpline +919685698892.

What is the JIO KBC Helpline?

Once the KBC management introduced the KBC lottery scheme with the collaboration of JIO, many scammers emerged to loot the naive Indians. So, there is always a confusion which is the KBC Head Office Number. What are the KBC Head office contact numbers? Here, I am listing the Kaun Banega Crorepati contact numbers.

  1. KBC JIO Helpline 
  2. KBC Head Office Number 
  3. The KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp number 
  4. All India KBC WhatsApp Helpline 
  5. KBC SIM Card Lottery contact number 
  6. KBC Lottery Manager WhatsApp Number 
  7. KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw Helpline

The single hotline for all these contacts is +919685698892.

What is the real number of JIO Lottery?

If you call from any number other than the above listed then you should immediately understand that it is a scammer. Therefore, you should quickly contact the KBC Official WhatsApp helpline and report the matter. Always beware of such scammers, they’re from other sub-continent countries and are exploiting the KBC WhatsApp lottery scheme. Actual and real KBC Head Office WhatsApp number is +919685698892. So, to get any information about the lottery, call on WhatsApp on the above-mentioned number.

KBC JIO Lottery Helpline WhatsApp +919685698892

KBC JIO lottery Winner

Is JIO giving lottery?

The fraudsters and scammers have made it extremely hard whether to believe or not on the JIO KBC lottery. However, the offer is for all JIO SIM users. Who uses the JIO network will be an automatic part of the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw. However, the higher you recharge your JIO SIM card the higher chances that you may win the KBC prize of 25 lakh rupees. If you want to get more information then contact on KBC WhatsApp number +919685698892.

How to check my KBC lottery?

The KBC Team choose a winner through a transparent computerized draw and tried its best to reach out to the KBC lucky winner. However, sometimes they are unable to reach the KBC WhatsApp Lucky winners. Therefore, you can call on the KBC WhatsApp Helpline and get all the details. If you have got any lottery number from the KBC Team then you can check your lottery number using the KBC online lottery check system.