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KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw 2021

What is KBC SIM Card lucky draw?

It sounds really cool when a KBC officer calls you on a beautiful morning and tells you the good news that you have won the KBC 25 lakh lottery. Yes, this is something very amazing, and every Indian wants to receive such a call from the KBC head office numbers. Why do you receive such calls from the official KBC hotline? Well, you received this call because you are the winner of the KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw 2021 lottery. This is a new lottery scheme introduced by KBC headquarters for all Indians, especially those in disadvantaged situations.

How to participate in KBC lucky draw?

You might be thinking, why would I get a call that I won a KBC prize. Because the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show is broadcast live, with participants taking part after the qualifying and going through intense testing phase. Then how can we win the KBC WhatsApp lottery draw? It is part of KBC’s program to change the lives of the poor who cannot take part in the grand show. KBC Head office in collaboration with JIO Lottery selects random SIM numbers through the KBC Lucky Draw. So, the winner is rewarded with a huge amount of 25 lakhs. However, people can also take part in the show via WhatsApp calling Kaun Banega Crorepati 2021 helpline +919685698892.

KBC lucky winner list 2021

Who Won KBC Prizes in the KBC 2021 Lottery? There is a long list of winners for this amazing KBC WhatsApp lottery. However, you can read about the list of KBC 2021 winners here. All these lucky ones won amazing prizes and changed their lives. You can also be one of them if you like. Then what are you waiting for? Pick your phone and call KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number at +919685698892 and register for the upcoming KBC Lottery Draw.

Online KBC SIM Card lucky Draw 2021

Well, this is an online lottery system. The KBC Lucky Draw can include your SIM number in the WhatsApp Lucky Draw if the data is provided by the SIM provider. However, if they did not provide the details, you are missing out on the chance to win a prize. Therefore, you can call the KBC head office Official number +919685698892 on WhatsApp to find out the lottery number. You can check this number on the KBC online lottery check system.

KBC JIO SIM Card Lucky Draw