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KBC Winners 2021

When you participate in the Kaun Banega Crorepati show live on TV, actually you have come after going through a hectic process. Initially, you go through a screening test by answering some questions online. When you are shortlisted then are asked questions for a week to finalize the selection. Moreover, the final shortlisted contestants play a game to reorder some options and who arranges them fast is selected for final show. Eventually, he becomes able to be in the KBC winner list. Through this process, you can have a chance to win a huge amount up to 7 crore if you answer to all questions correctly. Nazia Nasim is the recent example who has won 1 crore in the KBC show. 

What is KBC WhatsApp Lucky Winner?

Well, it is a fact that everyone can not reach to the live show for contesting for a crore rupee. Therefore, the KBC has introduced another lottery scheme for the WhatsApp users. Every month KBC WhatsApp lucky draw is held and the winner is awarded with 25 lakh cash as well as a car or one of these two prizes. The KBC WhatsApp lottery is a great opportunity for those who can not participate in the KBC show on TV. Therefore, the KBC WhatsApp prizes can be lethal for you with a good amount worth 2.5 million.

KBC 1 crore winner

How to be a KBC winner on WhatsApp?

Well, you might be thinking how to be a KBC WhatsApp lucky winner. Actually, the numbers are chosen by a random pick through a computerized system. However, you can also register yourself by calling on the KBC official WhatsApp number +919685698892Upon calling you will receive a lottery number and if you check that lottery number online in the KBC lottery check system and find that you have won the prize then you will be asked for further instructions to be followed to claim your prize.

The recent KBC Winner list

The KBC WhatsApp lucky draw has no other purpose except transforming the lives of the underprivileged people. However, some fake callers and scammers have made the authenticity of this lucky draw questionable. But for a proof, we are here posting the list of the KBC lucky winners of recent times who have won a handsome amount of 25 lakhs. 

Geeta Mishra Winner KBC
Name: Geeta Mishra Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 79*****118
KBC Winner Amit Kumar
Name: Amit Kumar Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 70*****345
Varun Laal Kbc winner
Name: Varun Laal Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 71*****609
KBC Winner Neetu
Name: Neetu Sharma Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 81*****220
Krishna Laal KBC winner
Name: Krishna Laal Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 83*****164
Ajay KBC Winner
Name: Ajay Poojari Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 71*****210
Rakesh KBC Winner
Name: Rakesh Rai Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 70*****846
Anil KBC winner
Name: Anil Dhoir Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 81*****533
Neha winner KBC Whatsapp
Name: Neha Ravi Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 76*****333
Intejar KBC winner
Name: Intejar Alam Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 80*****146