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What Is KBC Or Kaun Banega Crorepati?

Becoming a millionaire is a wish and dream of every human. However, it is not much easy or a walk in the park to earn such huge money. Some people work very for years after years to achieve this landmark, and some of those may become a millionaire in a short span. However, there is a way that can lead you to become a millionaire overnight, or I would say it is a matter of just a couple of hours. Is it a reality? A millionaire in few hours but how? Yes, you have read it right. Such amazing and dream-fulfilling opportunities can only be provided by KBC. It is a TV game show in which interesting multiple choice are asked from the contestants and eventually, after giving the correct answers they can win a humungous amount. However, this needs to be learned that at a time only one contestant plays this game. It is also worth mentioning that for the convenience of people KBC has now introduced the KBC official helpline WhatsApp number and KBC Head Office WhatsApp number.

KBC Official Host
Amitabh Bachan - KBC Show Host

Well, the idea of this show was of UK-based David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steven Knight, who for the purpose created an international game show franchise named Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. However, in India, the show was named Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC which was on air on the 3rd of July 2000 for the very first time. Since then, over two decades, the show has seen over 900 episodes in 13 seasons.

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How Can One Participate In The KBC Show?

The registration process of this season has been started that was announced by the living legend and superstar Amitabh Bachan who is also the host of the show. To get yourself registered, you can use Sony Live App or can contact on the KBC Official WhatsApp Helpline number or KBC Head Office WhatsApp number +919685698892. Apart from this, you can also fill the Registration Form to be a part of this game show that can transform your life. This is also to be known that you will have to pay a small amount as a registration fee that can eventually open the doors for you to become a millionaire in few hours. But at the same time, you are warned to be very cautious and don’t be trapped by fake callers and scammers. Only use the Official KBC WhatsApp helpline.

AMitabh asking questions

Once you have been registered, you will go through a screening test i.e giving the answers to some multiple-choice questions on the official WhatsApp helpline of the KBC or through the Sony Liv App. If you have passed the initial screening test and paid the registration fee then you will be eligible for participating in the show. If you want to get more details then contact us at KBC head office WhatsApp number helpline +919685698892.

What Are The KBC Prizes?

The Kaun Banega Crorepati show is transforming the lives of many making many individual heroes from zero. Nazia Nasim is the most recent example who had won a 1 crore rupee within an hour. While many others have won 50 lakh cash prize and a lot more. The maximum amount you can win from this show is 7 crore. Well, this is also to mention the KBC is not just a show of quiz but it also provides you a chance to win a lottery up to a cash prize of 25 lakh. The KBC conducts a draw every month and announces a lucky winner. For the KBC lottery, you will have to contact the KBC official WhatsApp number.

KBC Official Helpline: +919685698892

What is the Official KBC Helpline?

In recent times, it has been seen that a lot of fraudsters, scammers, and cheaters from countries other than India are looting innocent and naive people in the KBC. No doubt, it is a very alarming situation and can breach the trust of people on KBC. Therefore, you should all be very cautious and vigilant. While contact only at the official KBC helpline number +919685698892 Also, never entertain a call that you receive from any other number. 

If you receive any message or call from a number other than the KBC Official number then report it immediately.

KBC Winner List-2021

Geeta Mishra Winner KBC
Name: Geeta Mishra Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 79*****118
KBC Winner Amit Kumar
Name: Amit Kumar Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 70*****345
Varun Laal Kbc winner
Name: Varun Laal Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 71*****609
KBC Winner Neetu
Name: Neetu Sharma Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 81*****220
Krishna Laal KBC winner
Name: Krishna Laal Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 83*****164
Ajay KBC Winner
Name: Ajay Poojari Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 71*****210
Rakesh KBC Winner
Name: Rakesh Rai Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 70*****846
Anil KBC winner
Name: Anil Dhoir Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 81*****533
Neha winner KBC Whatsapp
Name: Neha Ravi Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 76*****333
Intejar KBC winner
Name: Intejar Alam Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile# 80*****146